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Credit Standard International Bank

A good banking model that covers all your financial needs.

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We are Credit Standard International Bank

With great wealth comes great responsibility

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Checking Account

With features such as online banking, mobile banking, and a debit card, managing your money has never been easier. Our checking accounts come with no monthly maintenance fees, providing you with a hassle-free banking experience. ...

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Savings Account

With our savings accounts, you can watch your savings grow over time while enjoying the flexibility to set up automatic transfers to reach your financial goals effortlessly....

About Credit Standard International Bank

With great wealth comes great responsibility

Credit Standard International Bank was Established in October 8, 2007. In 32353 Arkansas Road | West Monroe, LA 71291; The development and protection of your assets is important for today, tomorrow and future generations. We work with you, whatever your requirements, to ensure you have access to the best and most appropriate financial talent in the world.

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Online Banking

When it comes to managing your personal or business accounts, you'll be able to quickly pay bills, transfer money, apply for certain loans and much more through Credit Standard International Bank Online Banking.

Automatic Payments

Stop worrying over lost or late payments. Be confident it gets there on-time, every time with Automatic Payments from Credit Standard International Bank Online Bank's Online Banking.

Here's a quicker, easier and more secure way to manage and pay all of your bills.eAlerts Create customized email alerts that notify you whenever certain account activity occurs.

Fund transfer

With our online banking, users can transfer funds between their own accounts or to other accounts. They can also initiate external transfers to accounts in other banks. This functionality allows for quick and convenient money transfers without the need for paper checks or visiting a bank branch.

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Our Services


Credit Standard International Bank makes digital payments and transfers easy with various credit, debit and ATM card options to suit your needs.

Mobile Wallet

Introducing Mobile Wallet, a safe and easy way to make payments with your HawaiiUSA Debit and Credit Cards.

Debit Cards

Your Credit Standard International Bank personal checking account includes one of our feature-rich Debit MasterCard® options.

Credit Card

Our VISA® credit card options provide the spending power you need from a reliable credit card.

ATM Cards

We make digital payments and transfers easy with various credit, debit and ATM card options to suit your needs. You'll appreciate the anytime access and other convenient features of these cards.


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Oppurtunities With us

Revolving Line of Credit

This type of credit works like an advance drawn from a current account, leaving the account in debt. A cash credit against your signature and/or tangible collateral (cash, mortgage, securities, time deposit, check/promissory notes etc.) is provided for a given maturity and limit, taking into account your needs and credit rating. You can decide to settle your credit debt either partly or in full, at any time you choose.

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Spot Loans

These kinds of loans are available for the short-term financial needs of businesses. Since the interest rate is fixed on the day the credit is used, the risks arising from interest rate fluctuations are avoided.
This loan can be used for a maximum period of 90 days, within the credit lines approved.

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Financial Support

Everyone who works at Centricfinancialunion works in partnership with their colleagues, lending support and encouragement whenever and wherever it may be required.We know our success depends on our ability to deliver excellence in everything we do. To ensure that happens, we adopt a flexible approach, use our initiative and work as “One Team”.

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2353 Arkansas Road | West Monroe, LA 71291

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